Château Ramezay Museum - Archives of Former Montreal Branch of the Dickens Fellowship revealed!


On Wednesday, May 21, 2014, Dr. Lorne Huston (our historical consultant), Mrs. Sylvia Rabinovitch (V.P.) and Dr. Ellie Clavier-Rothstein (P.) visited the Château Ramezay to meet the museum librarian, Ms. Judith Berlyn. Ms. Berlyn had informed us that the museum was in possession of three boxes of as yet unidentified material belonging to the now defunct early (1909-1963) branch of the Montreal Dickens Fellowship. These boxes had long been in storage on the West island and had only recently been transferred to the museum for our viewing. Therefore it was with no inconsiderable excitement that we met to uncover the contents of these boxes.

The first box contains a complete set of the works of Charles Dickens (undated) published in Montreal. The second box contains miscellaneous photos, programs and newspaper clipping from the branch’s various activities as well as a very organized record (including detailed minutes) of the branch’s regular meetings which were bound into large journals or organized in envelopes prepared for binding into journals. These records were dated from 1919-1963. In the third box was a letter stating that the documents from 1909-1919 had been lost and another letter stating that due to decreased membership, the fellowship was being disbanded in 1963.

We will be allowed to visit and photograph these records under supervision at the museum’s convenience. We look forward to hearing from Ms. Berlyn as to when we may continue our research efforts.

Follow the link to view photos of some of the items we discovered at the Chateau Ramezay:   Archives of former Montreal Branch