Summary Fellowship Meeting - March 4, 2014

Fourteen of us attended Tuesday’s meeting at the library. Included were two new members (our paid membership is now up to 25!), Lise Dube and Charlotte French. Welcome! After we shared a very positive review of our birthday luncheon and a not so positive review of the movie “The Invisible Woman”, Timmy Cohen presented a wonderful, very well researched, slide show about Victorian Fashion. We all learned so much! Who knew that early Victorians did not wear left and right shoes but the same shaped shoe on each foot. This was followed by a lively discussion about corsets and stays, swooning and London pollution, sanitation issues and mourning etiquette. A big thanks to Timmy for a job well done!

Judith E. began our second half with an entertaining and insightful summary of our assigned chapters of “Oliver Twist”. An animated exchange ensued guided by the prepared study questions. We all agreed that although we found Rose Maylie overly sweet and Dickens “infatuation” with his dead sister-in-law somewhat creepy, we were blown away by his genius with words, his ability to keep his readers at the edge of their seats, his humour and his passion for reform.

Ellie and Louise announced that they have been giving serious thought to attending this year’s Dickens Fellowship Meeting in Chicago (July 16-21). It will be five days of Dickens seminars by famous Dickensians (including Dickens’ descendant Lucinda Hawkesly Dickens), guided tours of Chicago, dinners and banquets and evening entertainment with a Dickens theme. Accommodations will be at Loyola College.

Quite a few members expressed interest in going as a group. It would be a blast.

Here are the links to the pertinent websites.

Registration and final payments are due by April 1st! ($1015.00 not including airfare)) If you are interested in going, please let Ellie know as soon as you can. We are thinking of driving or bussing to Burlington VT. The cost of flying from there would be much less.

We will try to find out more details like: What is their cancellation/refund policy if any? Is there a possibility of last minute (summertime) registration for members who cannot commit yet?

This trip is a very real possibility! Let’s make it happen! (We also discussed a group trip to London for next year!)

Ellie will be hosting a Victorian hat making party prior to our June tea.  More will be coming on that.

Our next meeting is on April 1. Lorne Huston will be treating us to a look backwards to our Montreal Fellowship (and City of Montreal!) history as early as 1909, through his detective work about our former members. It is a fascinating presentation.Try not to miss it!

Thanks, Ellie