December 27, 2013 (Friday) 2:00 (153 minutes)

Westmount Library Screening of Oliver! movie

(Directors: Carol Reed, Ronald Saland)

“Experience the high-spirited adventures of Oliver Twist in this Oscar®-winning musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale! Young Oliver (Mark Lester) is an orphan who escapes the cheerless life of the workhouse and takes to the streets of 19th-Century London. He’s immediately taken in by a band of street urchins, headed by the lovable villain, Fagin (Ron Moody), his fiendish henchman, Bill Sikes (Oliver Reed), and his loyal apprentice, The Artful Dodger (Jack Wild). Through his education in the fine points of pick-pocketing, Oliver makes away with an unexpected treasure… a home and a family of his own.

Set to a heartfelt score that includes such favorites as "Consider Yourself,” “Where Is Love?” and “As Long As He Needs Me,” Oliver! leads us on a journey in search of love, belonging, and honor among thieves. Winner of six Academy Awards® (1968), including Best Picture and Best Score.“

One of our fellowship members, Margaret Nicholai, will give an introduction discussing the way the novel Oliver Twist had been originally published and presented to the audience of that period.  She will also touch briefly on Dickens’ visit to Montreal in 1842.