Dickens Reading

A message From Andrew Macdougal re Dickens reading

Dear fellow thespians.

I will be giving another Dickens reading at MCLL on Friday 19th April at 10:00.
My previous two readings (SYKES & NANCY and BARDELL & PICKWICK) were well received, and I will endeavour to repeat their success.
This time I will start with LITTLE DOMBEY (bring plenty of Kleenex) and finish in lighter vein with BOB SAWYER’S PARTY (from The Pickwick Papers).

These readings were special adaptations by Dickens himself such that he could exercise his considerable acting skills. They have been published, as have his annotations (stage directions) and the comments of some who observed his performances. It would be presumptuous of me to claim to be replicating a Dickens performance, but I have used this information to prepare what I hope will be an interesting and amusing one-man-show.

Hoping to see your friendly faces in the audience.