A Review of “Dickens Women”

A One Woman Show Performed by Miriam Margolyes

On Wednesday, December 12, 2012, Sylvia and I travelled to Toronto to see popular British theatre, television and film actress Miriam Margolyes (best known for her appearance as Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films but also a life-long Dickens enthusiast and narrator of the excellent  B.B.C. documentary “Dickens in America”) perform her Olivier-nominated one-woman show, “Dickens’ Women”.  Ms. Margolyes took on the personae of a large number of female characters from many of Dickens works, using her amazing dramatic gifts to truly bring them to life.  Fascinating to all and particularly to any Dickens lover, she interwove Dickens’ own relationships with women throughout his life into the performance, thus giving us a glimpse of his complex and often controversial personal history.  

We were both completely blown away by her talent!  Adding to the magic of the evening, I had been corresponding with M.M.( as she calls herself)  just before our trip and had arranged to meet her personally after the show to talk to her about our endeavors to reinstitute our Montreal branch. She was extremely gracious and interested in hearing about us.  I thanked her for her wonderful work in bringing Dickens to everyone!   She expressed regret at not coming to Montreal as part of this North American tour, but suggested that she would LOVE to visit us sometime in the future.  She was very positive when I asked if we could keep up our correspondence and said she would be pleased to hear continuing news of our efforts!  She signed a copy of her book “Dickens’ Women” for me which I will be glad to share with our members.