Michel Landry (1945-2015)


It is with sadness that we wish to advise of the passing of Michel Landry, dancer and teacher on August 12, 2015, at the age of 69.  Our deepest sympathies goes to his wife Arduina and his family and friends.

On March 29th of this year, Michel Landry and Arduina Alonzo,  a graceful and charming  couple, patiently directed over 40 of us on the dance floor as we partnered up and learned many of the elegant steps which make English Country dancing so enjoyable.  It was a memorable event many of will cherish for a long time.

Michel Landry was a dance historian, professor and leader of historical and traditional dances. Holder of a Master’s degree in Education sciences, from the University of Quebec in Montreal (1982). The title of his Master’s thesis was “Folk dance: educational value and teaching strategies.”

Since 1963 he has taught and led historical and traditional dance activities in various towns and cities of Quebec, other parts of Canada and United-States. He has collaborated with several organizations in the roles of professor, leader, and administrator, in the promotion of traditional dance.

He has also collaborated, with the Montreal School Board, in bringing forward two projects of traditional Quebec and international music, dance, and song for children in primary school..

As an author, he wrote several texts and collaborated on articles in several magazines and journals